Used by most SME’s and Start-ups, eSytes' Solid (Single Page) Dynamic Website can help you achieve your primary goal of ensuring that your company related
  • Product
  • Service
  • Location
  • Data
Information reaches your viewers with utmost ease and smart navigation.​
Hassle Free!


Domain Required No ¹
Space Required      >1MB
Server                      eSytes Based AWS (eSytes.host)
Delivery Time:  10 minutes – 4 hours
Site Verification: Yes (Optional)
Certification Yes

¹ eSytes Solid doesn’t require a domain name purchase. You may choose to host this on a subdomain with eSytes as your brand partner. Your link may appear as company-name.esytes.com

Pricing & Distribution

eSytes’ Solid is available for an immediate lease. You may choose to host either using an annual subscription or Pay-As-You Go! Pay-As-You Go (Monthly Subscription Plan) shall include a minimum of 3 months retainer along side a one time registration and service charge. Enjoy the benefits of presenting your company’s information across your targeted audiences on their Android Phone’s. Check out our pricing page to know more benefits under Pay-As-You Go and Annual Subscription